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July 29th, 2016


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I am descended from royalty in Scotland, England, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway. I’m talking kings and queens. It was shocking to say the least to learn this.

Just a few of my great-grandparents:

Eleanor of Aquitane
King Henry II of England
The entire Capet line starting with Hugh Capet
William the Conqueror
The Bourbon line (down to Louis XVI who lost his head in the French Revolution).

If you watch the Vikings on the History Channel. Rollo was a great-grandparent.

July 26th, 2016

Almost August

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And I still haven’t written anything of substance. Take that back!

I’ve been researching my family’s history using I am descended from royalalty on both sides of the maternal side. I just started out trying to find out when my ancestors came to American (it was between 1620- and 1635). Others came over in the 1700′ and 1800’s.

My sister had the Ancestry DNA done, and we’re 5% Scandinavian, and 1% Iberian (think Spain). We figured it was from our dad’s side. Nope!!!

Okay, one ancestor was the inspiration for Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Several were mentioned in Beowulf.

February 20th, 2016


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I had intended to at least write a bit, and it’s obvious that I failed. LOL

March 8th, 2015

Weight Loss

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I stopped doing Jenny Craig a long time ago. Since the company was sold to Nestle the quality/taste has definitely gone down.

However, about 3 months ago I came down with Chikungunya (fucking mosquitoes). I would not wish that on my worst enemy. It’s horrible. I lost 10 pounds the very first week since I have absolutely no appetite. The second weeks I ate a bit but the food had to be a bit on the spicy side. Then I am one of the few that experience long term arthritic type pain.

So I’m down to 159 pounds. Only 29 more to go.

March 8th, 2015

It’s been far too long

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I haven’t posted anything in over 2 years and I mean to rectify that issue. I really do need to work on a redesign as this one is just too old, and no longer reflects who I am or want to be…you know the naked hot chick.

I am a brunette, but there are quite a few gray hairs. Actually I’d love to turn completely gray/silver.

October 10th, 2011

Couple More

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I have lost 2 more pounds. That’s

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